What to expect
Book design: here's how it works:
All I need from you is your completed work of genius. It can be in any electronic format, such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, whatever. It must be proofread for grammar, typos, "cleanliness", etc. In other words, ready to read out loud. (Editing of your story is another job altogether, and I can certainly recommend someone who can do that; it's costly to get it done professionally, though, and most people have a friend who can help them out.)
Second Step
First Step
Get me your edited manuscript
I'll design a complete book, including covers
You'll get several choices for your book: size, titling choices, page layout, and photos or illustrations for the cover. I will create the cover for you based on artwork/photos you provide, or just based on your ideas. And you might have press reviews for the back cover, a synopsis of what's inside, a price, and so on.
Third Step
Inexpensive, on-demand printing
Inside, page layout choices include where you'd like the page numbers, if you want titles at the top of each page, or your author name, or both. Together, we'll decide whether you need a Contents page, an author bio, an ISBN number for sales, copyright information, and more.
In Mexico, all our printing is professionally handled by Groppelibros. Carsten Groppe is an ace printer, having retired from a successful business in Europe and then carried on here. Prices are low, quality high, turn-around time very, very fast. Ajijic Books charges no "finder's fee": I just deliver your approved, print-ready file electronically,and you deal directly with him. Elsewhere around the world, there are many "on demand" printers that make it easy.
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